Citylife Link is for building relationships for Kingdom work in the city of Boston.

The birth of Citylife Link

In 2015, after the Dividing Lines and Faith and Work initiatives began at our church, we identified a new opportunity to connect people on a professional axis, and we started Citylife Link. Initially, we focused on helping younger people find work, through focusing on counseling, mentoring and networking.

What we learned

In April 2016 we had a Citylife Link event with a great turnout. Many people told us that it was hearing from panelist, mentors, mentees, and students about their vocation (current and aspirational), career path and how their faith intersects and affects their professional lives that made this event impactful. In hindsight, it is clear that God has brought amazing people to this church who are humbly seeking to follow Him in the workplace, and we are stronger and better when we collectively share these experiences. 

This is how we came to understand that Citylife Link should be more than just a place to learn how to get a job. Our primary objective should not merely be to educate, but to link people in a gospel-centered way through meaningful relationships.

Where we’re headed

We are now convicted that it is important to create space to be honest, real and vulnerable. This space is for all of us—current professionals, people who have been laid off, moms who are looking to get back into the workforce, students, etc. A place where you don’t need to put forth a façade of invulnerability and competence, but where we can share grace with each other, welcome uncertainty, embrace weakness and show special dignity to all, wherever you are in your professional career. Citylife Link seeks to connect people through their common professional interests, but in a way that is completely different because it’s built on the gospel of Jesus, it’s built on grace. Come join us!


Mike, Andrew, Kwang, and Donielle

January 2018