We know we should, but we Don't. Why?

We battle-weary professionals know that mentoring others and being mentored is one of the most rewarding parts of our professional lives. Especially when we are blessed with a Christian mentor who understands the struggles in our specific field. But we rarely make time for it, because it's difficult and time-consuming, and hard to meet people who are interested. So we leave our church relationships at church, and our work relationships at work, and we keep our personal and professional networks separate.

But we have the nagging feeling that there are others who want to hear what you have to share about your Christian walk at work.

What if there were a better way?

Citylife Link is our attempt to solve these mentoring and networking problems. We're going to find the people who are interested in your specific work and professional experiences, and then we will let the Spirit do the rest!

Once we link you up, the commitment can be as little as one in-person meeting and subsequent contact via phone or email. But we know that once you start, you will be excited to help.

Only Citylife members can be mentors in the Citylife Link program. We want to hold each other accountable to provide the best care and encouragement to the young ones in our care.