Questions You May Have About Citylife Link

Q:        Is Citylife Link about mentoring, or about discussions?

A:        In 2015–2016, our focus was on mentoring. We are continuing the mentoring program in 2016–2017 but are also convicted that we should have ways for people to interact and build real relationships, which we envision as being built around an occasional discussion series.

Q:        How is this program different from professional mentoring at my workplace?

A:        In many respects this is similar to professional mentoring you have done in your workplace, but there are two major differences. Firstly, it is dedicated to the service of God’s people and the building up of God’s church. Secondly, since it is expressly Christian, we can counsel fellow believers in how to live our faith out in our workplace.

Q:        What is the relationship between this program and the Citylife Faith and Work Forum?

A:        While under the Faith and Work umbrella, Citylife Link also draws inspiration and spiritual guidance from University Ministry and Dividing Lines. Citylife Link also does not seek to provide theological guidance, so it plays a role distinct from the Faith and Work Forum.

Q:        What time commitment would I need to make to participate?

A:        You would be able to participate at one of several levels. As a mentor, we would ask you to have at least one in-person meeting with your mentee, at a venue of your choosing, lasting at least half an hour. We would also ask you to have at least two follow-up phone conversations over the next six months. Any additional time commitment would be at your own discretion.

If you believe you would have difficulty participating at this level, you could participate as a mentor advisor. Other mentors would be able to approach you by email with questions pertaining to professional mentoring.

Q:        How is this program different from a college career panel?

A:        The interactions we hope to generate are the type that might occur after a college career panel. We hope to facilitate one-on-one connections between people and enable brothers and sisters in the church to provide one another with specific, personal advice, rather than general career advice. We are also trying to find students and young adults that are motivated to know more about your specific career path or profession.

Q:        Why am I qualified to be a mentor in this program?

A:        We have selected you based on our informal personal conversations with you and based on our assessment that you would have a great deal of professional advice to offer to a young person starting out in your field. As fellow professionals, we know that what is considered basic knowledge in our field is completely unknown to the uninitiated! We also believe that, as a member here at Citylife, you are entirely qualified to explain how you live out your faith in the workplace.

Q:        What can I expect of my mentee?

A:        Generally speaking, you may be assigned a mentee who is of either gender, and who may be a member or a committed attender of our Citylife community. Your mentee may be a college student, a young adult, or young professional with anywhere from no background in your field to some background or work experience, but who has expressed an interest in your professional field.

Q:        Would I have to secure a job for my mentee?

A:        No. If you meet someone that you think your employer should hire, certainly that would be a wonderful outcome. But the only requirement here is for you to share about your professional experiences. We will make this extremely clear to all mentees before they participate.       

Q:        What help and support will I have from Citylife?

A:        We will provide you with spiritual guidance for any serious problems you encounter as part of your mentoring. Church staff and the Citylife Link team will also be available to answer questions you have about this vision and how it relates to other programs and ministries at our church. Other than that, you are free to structure your mentoring as you feel is appropriate.

Q:        Is this program open to members, non-members, or both?

A:        Currently, only members will be permitted to become mentors, in order to help ensure that mentors are appropriately accountable to the church.

A:        We hope that mentees will come from the larger community at Citylife, such as students that participate in University Ministry, even if they are not members. As it is a commitment, however, we will be performing screening and matching of mentees.

Q:        How is this program missional?

A:        We want simply to love one another by offering our gifts in our professional areas to each other. As Citylife models a well-functioning body of Christ, we hope to glorify God among others in our city, and to become an attractive place for people to learn to live out a Christ-centered life.

Q:        What benefits do we hope to achieve?

A:        We have realized that the greatest good that we can hope to achieve is to bring people in our community closer together. Simply put, we seek to build real relationships within our church along vocational lines, and by doing so to build up the church and glorify God.

Q:        Who is on the Citylife Link team?

A:        Kwang Kim, Andrew Kerhoulas, Mike Saji, Jay H. Lee, Leslie Womble.

Revised September 22, 2016