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Sept 25 – Building Mentoring Relationships for Kingdom Work
12:15 PM12:15

Sept 25 – Building Mentoring Relationships for Kingdom Work

Our Fall 2016 event is upon us! The theme is: "Building Relationships for Kingdom Work." Join us as we hear perspectives from our panelists on what mentoring has meant to them, and how we can understand mentoring in the context of building up the church and gospel discipleship.

Pizza will be provided!

Our Panelists are: 

  • Robert Ang, Chief Business Officer, Neon Therapeutics
  • Blake and Cara Bartlett, Partner, OpenView Venture Partners, and Founder, VETTA
  • Donielle Buie, Founder, WifeMotherLeader
  • Vesi Cooke, Investigator: Oncology, Novartis
  • Tom Chung, Partner, Leers Weinzapfel Associates

We are proud to have the following panelists join us to share their stories. They will also be leading the table discussions after the initial part of the conversation, so you will get to know them more personally.

Hope you can join us!

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April 24 – The Importance of Networking
12:30 PM12:30

April 24 – The Importance of Networking

For a lot of people, networking is an uncomfortable topic. It's easy to see networking as being mercenary. The reality is that when done right it's far different than that. In fact, Jay Lee recently wrote about my experiences networking on the blog.

The goal of this meeting on Sunday, April 24 is to discuss this topic and hopefully see how networking is an organic and important tool for you. We hope to be able to sit around a table and have lunch, and have a friendly conversation. If you have questions, differing opinions, or are even opposed to networking, we'd love to get to know you and have a conversation and see if we can come to a shared vision for networking.

We're hoping to meet once a semester as a larger group, so this will be our Spring 2016 meeting.

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