Seek Mentors Always

Hello everyone, Kwang here. I stumbled on the short video link below, where Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian discusses the importance of seeking out mentors and advisors.

There is a lot of wisdom there. First, Alexis regrets not having done it sooner and not doing a great job of seeking mentors and advisors. Interestingly enough, he describes today’s environment as having instant access to knowledge and that knowledge is taken for granted. It’s true. Why do I need a mentor when everything I need to know can be found on my phone and “googling” it...right? Well...Alexis goes on to state that there is tremendous value in having that personal relationship. Why? What can a personal relationship provide that Google’s algorithmic search engine can’t? Second, I thought to myself that Alexis’ view towards mentors and advisors requires humility. Isn’t it implicit that seeking out of mentors is in someway admitting that you don’t have all the answers? 

In many ways, what Alexis says about always seeking mentors is true because there is so much to learn from these relationships.  Personally, for me, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it were not for God placing great professional mentors in my life. Whether it was Tom at Merrill Lynch, Christian at Blackrock, or Arieh at Eaton Vance, I always had great mentors. They all had a hand in shaping my 19 years in the investment management industry. 

From a Christian, “Gospel-centered” perspective, the idea of a personal relationship (in this case professional) should take on greater significance, should it not? I’m no theologian, nor do I pretend to be. But a sovereign God could have done many things to “show you the way.” Instead, God chose to initiate a deep, personal, covenant relationship through His Son, Jesus Christ. Instead of us seeking after a relationship with God, God sought after us and Christ did so by humbling himself, not the other way around.  

With Citylife Link, I want to give back and “pay it forward,” if you will. I think it is fair to say that there are many professionals that share my sentiments and want to do so for the Kingdom of God. Whether you’re a potential mentor or young adult, I hope you consider joining us at our events.