The Intersection of Faith and Work

Hi everyone! Mike here. We're going to start filling this space with things to read and meditate on, as well as reports and testimonies from our Citylife Link events and meetups. But in the meantime, there is so much to learn and understand in our pursuit of God in our public lives. What does it mean to be a Christian and to work? 

Below are the values and practical principles we believe with the help and encouragement of the Citylife Faith and Work Forum. We're hoping to take a more practical, hands-on approach to mentoring and will be different from the Faith and Work Forum at least in that respect.

At Citylife, we believe that the image of God rests on every individual, regardless of vocational field or faith commitment (the doctrine of common grace). As a result, we are fully committed to dialogue and partner with anyone across industries and faith commitments who are seeking the causes of justice, equity and the common good. Thus, our core values reflect are as follows:

  • Every industry is meaningful

We believe that every industry, big and small, seemingly influential and seemingly mundane, is absolutely integral to the building of a flourishing society. As a result, we desire to invite and equip folks in diverse industries to consider how their industries might better contribute to the causes of equity, justice and the common good, and to pursue practical action to that end.

  • Every individual can contribute

We believe that God, in his goodness, has given insights, gifts and talents to all who are created in his image, regardless of social status or faith commitment. As a result, although we approach work from a gospel-centered perspective, we invite dialogue with anyone who desires to seek the purposes of justice, equity and the common good, regardless of faith commitment. In addition, we invite anyone and everyone to participate, regardless of your position on the totem pole of your particular industry.

  • Indigenous leadership is key

We believe that the best people to think through the implications of a gospel-centered approach to Faith and Work are those who are daily in the work place. As people who live and breath the culture of various vocational fields, YOU are the “indigenous leaders” of your sectors, and thus are best equipped to think contextually and creatively about how the gospel ought to shape your particular field. As a result, we absolutely need you to help build this initiative, and invite you in to that end!

Looking forward to sharing life with you here on the blog. MS